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Last Updated: Jan 02, 2015 02:16PM PST

What is TestFlight?
TestFlight is a free Over-The-Air platform used to distribute beta and internal iOS applications to team members. Developers can then manage testing and receive feedback from their team with TestFlight's Dashboard.

Wait! It's free?
Yes, TestFlight is free. The current features and SDK are part of the core functionality and will remain free to use. Our plan is to introduce paid features in the future that will be clearly labeled. Users will have the option to add these features or continue to use the service free of charge.

What apps does it support?
Currently we're only supporting iOS apps. TestFlight follows Apple's beta and internal distribution guidelines, so we primarily support Ad Hoc and Enterprise provisioned applications.

When will you support other platforms?
We will announce any official changes of the service before going live. We haven't made any announcements and currently we're only supporting iOS apps.

How does it work?
Apple-approved iOS Developers sign up with our service, create a team, invite team members, add the team members' devices to their application build (this still has to be done via Apple's provisioning on the Developer Portal), upload to TestFlight and magically distribute. It is that simple. Although, developers do still have to build the app.

For a Developer
Sign up with TestFlight and create your team. Invite and gather the UDIDs from the team members and add them to your Apple Developer Portal and provisioning profile for the app. Build the IPhone Application (.IPA) and upload to TestFlight. Distribute the build to team members and let the magic happen. Receive feedback, monitor tester's activity and perform a full fledge beta test from the comfort of your chair. Developers on teams can also upload multiple apps for testing/internal distribution.

For a Tester
As a tester using TestFlight, you can either be invited, recruited or just sign up. Once you sign up with TestFlight you will be asked to register your device, which will allow developers to access the device's Unique Device IDentifier (UDID). Once you have successfully registered and have been accepted onto a team, the developer will have to add the UDID to the application, so that you can install it on your device. You will receive an email through TestFlight, from the developer, with a link to install the build. Follow the instructions in the email, click on the link, download the build to your device, and you will be ready to begin using the app.

Size Limit?
We put a cap limit of 800MB per application for upload. If you would like to test a large application let us know at support@testflightapp.com

Team member Limit?
You can have a team of 1 or a team of 1000 with TestFlight. If you are distributing Ad Hoc signed IPAs please be aware that, according to Apple, you are only allowed 100 devices attached to a developer's account.

How do I Manage my TestFlight Account?
You can manage your TestFlight account by signing into https://www.testflightapp.com/account/ from there you can remove devices associated with your account, change your email address, change notifications and various other tasks to tailor your TestFlight experience.

Do you have an upload API?
Yes we do. It is located here: https://testflightapp.com/api/doc/

What else does your API do?
Right now we just have the upload API available.

How about your TestFlight SDK?
We are currently beta testing our SDK and are in public beta. You can access the SDK beta here: https://testflightapp.com/sdk/

What about Enterprise Apps?
If you are registered with Apple's Enterprise Program and are making Enterprise Apps, no worries...TestFlight works with those too. TestFlight fully supports Enterprise Apps and it works much like Ad Hoc apps for distribution. Just upload an Enterprise signed app and distribute to your team and only approved members of your team will have access to the application for installation.

What does TestFlight NOT do?
While we are always adding new features and improving the overall experience of TestFlight, there are just some things that we will never be able to do. For instance, since we adhere to Apple's guidelines, we will never be able to build your IPA for beta testing and we will never be able to add your team member's devices to the provisioning profile. We also do not condone using TestFlight as a replacement of Apple's App Store. Also, TestFlight doesn't support working with jail-broken devices. We do offer resources in preparing an IPA for distribution in our knowledge base located here: http://help.testflightapp.com/

How do I know my apps are safe from public distribution?
We take security at TestFlight very seriously and our team is always monitoring our systems to ensure stability. We also adhere to Apple's Beta Distribution guidelines, which requires developers to actively allow access to applications for installation on devices. If you have any concerns about security with TestFlight, please contact us at support@testflightapp.com

What about your Enterprise or Pro Level Accounts?
Currently, we do not offer Pro/Enterprise level accounts with TestFlight, but are actively working on a solution. In the meantime, we are open to your suggestions for features and you can use the current service for free. For more information, email us at enterprise@testflightapp.com

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service?
Our Privacy Policy is located here: http://www.burstly.com/privacy#testflight
Our Terms of Service is located here: http://www.burstly.com/terms#testflight

More Support
Is there something we missed in this FAQ? A question? Suggestion? Feedback? Need assistance?

Email: support@testflightapp.com or http://help.testflightapp.com
Twitter: @testflightapp
Blog: http://blog.testflightapp.com

-The TestFlight Team

Support hours are 8am-6pm PST. Please send a detailed email if you are having issues. Thanks for using TestFlight!

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