Registration issues

Last Updated: Dec 31, 2012 10:55AM PST

Quick Fix Solution

When ever you are unable to register or are asked to register again through TestFlight on your device. The following generally works:

  1. Delete TestFlight from your home screen on your idevice.
  2. Remove the TestFlight webclip profile (settings>general>profiles)
  3. Clear the cookies and cache and ensure that private browsing is turned off.
  4. Restart Device
  5. Login to on Mobile Safari.
  6. Touch 'Connect Device', complete the registration process.

This should complete registration with out requiring you to re-register.

If this is unsuccessful see below for common issues that happen when registering.

There are a couple potential causes for this issue:

Cookies Disabled

Session ids are stored in cookies. The device registration process stores your device information in your session. If cookies are disabled TestFlight cannot determine if you have successfully registered your device or not. Therefore we request that cookies are enabled when registering devices.

Device restored from backup

You replaced your device and restored from backup. All your files including TestFlight's webclip, cookies, cache were restored. Now TestFlight thinks this new device is actually your old one.

The solution is easy. Goto settings->general->profiles and remove the TestFlight WebClip profile. Then visit and register the new device.

If the old device is no longer in use be sure to go to to unlink it from your account.

Registering a new device

You can always register a new device to your account by going to in Mobile Safari. Logging in will prompt the device to be registered to the account.

Not using Mobile Safari

Device registration will not work in some 3rd party browsers. This includes embedded browsers present in some twitter clients. Most of these browsers offer a link which allows you to open in Safari. Once you have done this device registration should work as expected.

The Server Certificate is Invalid Message

Occasionally when a Device is reset or restored, it will change the date and time of the device to "Feb 21, 1970". When this happens the device can not register properly. Please ensure that the date and time is set appropriately to the current date. Once this is done the device, should be able to register correctly.

This device has been registered by another user...

Currently, TestFlight allows for a device to be associated with one account. When you receive this message it means the device is already associated with another account and needs to be removed from the other account, before a new account can attach the device to it. If you are able to access the old account please remove it from ,log in with the older account, and then remove the device from "my devices". After these steps are taken the new account should be able to register the device correctly.

iOS 4.0.2 + Apps that support doc types Known Issue

In iOS 4.0.2 there is an issue where the mobile config file is simply displayed as a icon in Safari. As such it cannot be installed. This can be replicated with any mobile config, sent via email and served via HTTP. The more we tried to solve this problem the more whacky it got! It appears that the cause is not iOS 4.0.2 itself but rather when you have an app installed that supports doc types. Take for example Evernote, AirSharing, Drop Box or USB Device. Uninstalling apps of this nature have seemed to resolve this issue. Please let us know if you are having issues with doc type apps on other versions of iOS.

iOS 4.2 Settings Bug (Rare)

We have had some reports of this failing on iOS 4.2. The issue is that the settings application released in iOS 4.2 becomes unresponsive at times. We have been able to replicate the crash log messages outside of TestFlight, by adjusting notification settings, app settings, etc. This rarely happens, but when it does we encourage you to log a bug with Apple that your settings app crashed in iOS 4.2. Force quitting the Settings app and attempting to register the device has proved to be an effective workaround.

If you would like to submit this bug to Apple, please duplicate report #8701798 at

Still can't register?

Please run the compatibility report on the device, and hit us up on support with a description of what you are experiencing. Bonus points if you provide some screenshots and a iPCU console dump.

Support hours are 8am-6pm PST. Please send a detailed email if you are having issues. Thanks for using TestFlight!

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